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Verona is a drama set in the peaceful hideaway of Verona, Ontario. When his aging father tracks down Arthur to make amends for the hurt he’s caused him in the past, Arthur’s trauma resurfaces and threatens the peaceful world he and his wife, Bennie, have cultivated for their daughter Cam. Despite their efforts to regain balance in their lives and protect Cam from their pain; revenge, fear and secrecy will be their greatest enemies.

Producer: Maeve Kern

Director: Sebastian Back

Writer: Sebastian Back

Casting Director: Jesse Griffiths

Casting Assistant: Rebecca Ostroff

Start Date(s): Summer 2020

Shoot Location: Toronto/Kingston

Rate: Paid, Non-Union - $150.00/day

VERONA has been selected as a recipient of the 2020 Telefilm Canada Talent to Watch program. The Talent Fund-supported Talent to Watch Program finances emerging content creators who are recent alumni of a partner educational institution, active members of partner cooperatives or recent participants of partner film festival incubator initiative, or who have directed a short film that was selected at a recognized film festival.

This project does contains nudity. Ideally, production would like to shoot a shower and sex scene with full nudity, however, the team is open to implied nudity or body doubles. Any unwillingness to perform in the nude should not inhibit submissions). Please make a note in your submission if talent does not wish to perform in the nude.

[ARTHUR B.] Male, 54 years old, mixed ethnicity (any combination of Black/Latino/Caucasian). He’s gentle, kind, sensitive and supportive. He’s living his best life as the best mechanic in Verona and husband of a successful children’s book author. He has a bright young daughter at the top of her class and up for any university, she could imagine. He spends his day's elbow deep in car engines, his Sundays on the golf course, his evenings playing chess with his daughter and cooking meals for his wife. Then his father calls, it triggers panic in his body and he’s transported into his childhood, lapsing regularly into traumatic flashbacks from a time he can barely remember.


[BENNIE B.] Female, 49 years old, mixed ethnicity (any combination of Black/Latino/Caucasian). Prides herself on the peaceful and stable life she’s built in Verona, Ontario with her daughter, Cam and husband, Arthur. She’s a successful children’s book author. She’s just released her new book. She’s drawn to philosophy, believing in the power of mind and body. She enjoys exercise and prides herself on her strength (her and Arthur bonded over hunting when they met). When Cam shot her first buck Bennie hung its head in her study. Arthur’s estranged father calls and tries to make amends with his son. When it drives Arthur into a traumatic spiral of self-hatred and threatens to destroy their life, Bennie takes it upon herself to prove Arthur has no need to fear his father.


[HAL B.] Male, 74 years old, mixed ethnicity (any combination of Black/Latino/Caucasian). He lives a peaceful life as a retired carpenter, tending his garden and building custom tables. He lives alone in the woods, visiting his wife’s grave regularly. A deep thinker, he contemplates nature and puts great significance on symbols he interprets from the world around him. Hal, seeking reconciliation for past conflict, tries to reach out to Arthur, his estranged son. Hal’s ambition is to overcome his guilt through loving action. Nudity/Implied Nudity not required.

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