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Do Better

I love actors. All actors. That’s why I got into casting in the first place. It’s my job to connect them with those who want to cast them. I’m hired for my opinion, but ultimately, I don’t make the final decisions.


But what I can control is who I audition and how I confront my own learned and unconscious biases.


As a Casting Director, I commit to:


  • Seek out the work of actors from equity-seeking groups, thereby expanding my circle of known talent

  • Challenge the preconceived notions of race, gender, orientation, ability, age, accent, etc., in the projects I cast such as who can play the romantic lead or what a family unit should look like 

  • Ensure actors from equity-seeking groups are being seen for all roles while also being mindful that casting choices can reinforce negative stereotypes or perpetuate existing inequalities


Every month, I am going to challenge myself to ensure my door is always open and that I’m actively engaging with the immense diversity of Toronto's actors. This will include Q&A sessions, audition workshops and panels, but I am open to suggestions for more. I am listening and I am committed.


I know I can do better. This is just the start.




Jesse Griffiths - Casting Director

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