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Audition Instructions
Please read instructions carefully
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Photo by Jamie Griffiths


We are so excited to have you audition for us! 

If you have any questions during this audition process, please send an email to:

  • Read the self-tape submission guidelines closely.

  • Pick a role to audition for based on gender and age.

  • Memorize the lines for the character you are auditioning for.

  • Find a quiet place to record your audition.

  • Record in front of a neutral background. This can be as simple as a plain wall.

  • Try to ensure the background isn’t cluttered or distracting.

  • Do not have your camera facing a window.

  • Shoot from the waist up but don't leave empty space above your head.

  • You can shoot this on any device - camera, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • When recording, shoot in landscape (horizontal) versus portrait (vertical).

  • Place your device on a flat surface or use a tripod if you have one.

  • The lens of your device should be at the same level as your eyes.

  • You don’t need to do hair and make-up, we want to see how you look normally.

  • Your wardrobe should be neutral: no logos or crazy patterns.

  • Ask a friend or family member to read all of the other lines. They do not need to read the stage directions.

  • Start off by recording the following:

    • Your name​

    • Your location

    • Your age (only if under 18)

    • Which Inuit Land Claim or which First Nation/Tribe/Band do you identify with?

  • Practice the scene a couple of times with your reader before your record.

  • When you are filming, have your reader stand right next to the camera (not in the frame, we want to hear them not see them) and play the scene to them.

  • It is good to memorize the lines, but it’s also okay to have them in your hand if you need to.

  • Look at your reader, not the camera.

  • Label your audition file with your first and last name.

  • Submit the video with your application.

  • The important thing is to have fun, be loose, and feel good about it!

If you have any questions during this audition process please send an email to

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