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We Are' is a celebration of the Supreme court of India reading down on India's penal Code 377, which criminalized sexual acts between same-sex couples. So for me, it is important as an out and proud film maker who has been consistently celebrating the queer narrative in India, to visually "normalize" and celebrate the wide spectrum of queer love. 

WE ARE is an anthology feature film narrating four stories across four corners of the South Asian subcontinent, Kashmir, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, each connected by their distinct themes around navigating queer love in a modern India.

Director: Onir

Producer: Sanjay Routray (Matchbox Pictures), Shant Joshi (Fae Pictures), Sanjay Suri, Onir (Anticlock Films)

Executive Producer: Deepa Mehta

Associate Producer: Lindsay Blair Goeldner (Fae Pictures)

Writer: Onir, Fawzia Mirza

Casting Director: Sashi Beniwal, Jesse Griffiths

Intimacy Coordinator: Mackenzie Lawrence

Audition Date(s): First Round By Tape

Callback Date(s): TBC


Start Date: November 8th - December 17th

Rate of Pay: RATE: $3,431.25 weekly + 50% Buyout/Prepayment

Location: Kashmir, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata

This is a Non-Union project. Production will ensure working conditions are in line with ACTRA IPA guidelines. 

CAVCO: 4/10 -certified co-production with India
Indian production norms


Canadian producers are working in tandem with the Indian producers to establish protocols in line with the Ontario Section 21 guidance in mind.

[NOEL] Male, Early 20s, Any Ethnicity. Seeking LGBTQ-Identifying actors. A college student on exchange from Canada to Kolkata, Noel is an openly gay friend of the wealthy Sen family, and develops a secret romantic relationship with the family’s patriarch, Ritwik. He is a bit naive and aspirational about navigating Ritwik’s bisexuality in a country where the LGBTQ2SI+ community has a long history of being silenced and hidden. The role will require basic stunt choreography and intimate scenes with an older male performer. SUPPORTING LEAD.

Nudity Requirements:
Simulated lovemaking with an older male co-star. The actor will have to be fully nude for love-making scenes. Topless and rear nudity (buttock) on-screen required.

[ANHAD] Male, Mid 20s, Punjabi, Seeking LGBTQ-identifying actors who are Sardari. A cool and collected soldier working for the Indian army in Kashmir, Anhad is the farthest thing from a rule-breaker and a big homebody. When he falls in love with a trans woman in Mumbai, he struggles to reconcile how his parents, family, and society will perceive and judge him for who he loves. Should be tall with long hair and beard, and be comfortable filming intimate scenes with a trans female performer. LEAD.

Nudity Requirements:
Rear nudity (buttock) required.

[FAHEEM] Male, Early 20s, Kashmiri. Seeking LGBTQ-Identifying actors who are ideally Kashmiri, of Indian origin and can speak Kashmiri and Urdu. Never having left his small hometown of Srinagar, Faheem dreams of a bigger and better life. One where he can be honest and open about his homosexuality. He is excited that his parents are supporting him in going to Kolkata for his studies and wants to help his family have a better life by setting up a branch of their small authentic Kashmiri restaurant there. He's cool, calm, and charismatic, especially when he's looking to flirt. Must be 5'8" or above and comfortable performing intimate scenes with a male partner. LEAD

Nudity Requirements: Simulated lovemaking with Male co-star. Frontal nudity is not required, but the actor will have to be fully nude for love-making scenes. Rear nudity (buttock) required.

[MUMTAZ] Transgender Female, 25 to 30 Hindi speaking, Seeking LGBTQ-identifying actors who can perform as a drag queen, and are comfortable performing intimate scenes with a male performer. Financially independent and comfortable in her skin, Mumtaz is a trans woman who spends her nights working at the famous Kitty Su nightclub as a headlining drag performer. She's a kind and considerate queen bee amongst her fellow queens and is steadfast in her values of empathy and honesty. She won't let anyone rain on her parade. LEAD

Nudity Requirements:
Actor will be required to be topless and must be comfortable performing simulated lovemaking scenes.




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