Three adolescent queer youth become enraptured with the local nightlife scene over their summer break. A loss of life forces them back to the reality they have chosen to leave behind.

Executive Producer: Alyson Richards

Producer: Alexandra Roberts, Danny Sedore

Director: Joseph Amenta

Writer: Joseph Amenta

Casting Director: Jesse Griffiths

Casting Assistant: Izad Etemadi

Start Date(s): Summer 2021

Shoot Location: Toronto

Rate: Non-Union $162.00 -$200.00 / day - all roles will be required for multiple days




Actively seeking members of the LGBTQ community, but open to all submissions. Acting experience is not required. 


10 to 16 years old, male. Julien is a 13-year-old queer boy, and the emphatic voice of the trio. He has been living on Dawn's couch, having left home a few months ago after his mother smacked him in the face. Julien and his birth mother had never understood one another. At best she would often stare at him like a regret.

30 to 50 years old, visibly diverse, trans woman. Dawn is a middle-aged sex worker, who has recently taken Julien into her home. She has a unique beauty that attracts all types of people for all types of reasons. She has a quick wit and a sharp tongue that is laced with whispers of love and support. She lives a happy life recognized by her community as a kind and giving figure. Her courage and empathy have given all three boys a sense of belonging and a safe space to occupy.

10 to 16 years old, male. Otis, 13-years-old and newly open about his queerness, has recently met Julien, who embodies a force he has never experienced before in his life. This new relationship has allowed Otis to see and feel things he had previously repressed. Julien gives him voice and confidence, and since their meeting, Otis has spent less time at home, which creates friction with his religious family. Like Julien, Dawn has become a queer mother to him, teaching him to redefine what it means to be strong and embrace his urges of curiosity.

10 to 16 years old, male. Tony, flamboyantly 12-years-old, has known Dawn for years. He's used Dawn as an amplification of his feminine expression, something she encourages with sparkly gifts for him to wear. Tony met Julien soon after arriving in Dawn's care. His youth doesn't stop him from expressing his knowledge of the queer scene, however misinformed. Similar to Julien, Tony dreams of dancing on stage amidst the colourful lights of the gay nightclub.


45 to 60 years old, open to all ethnicities, a trans woman. Eccentric and candid. As a longtime neighbour of Dawn, the two have become close friends who live very different lives. Patricia appreciates simple pleasures and is protective of her space and routine. She prefers quality time with her family of guinea pigs above anything else. Her and Julien have opposing spirits, but have managed to coexist in Dawn’s life.



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