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QUEENS is a comedy-mystery whodunnit following an eclectic cast of Toronto drag queens leading up to the night of the “Miss Church Street” pageant. Each episode focuses on the misadventures of a particular drag performer whose preparation for the pageant is interrupted in a strange and unfortunate way. All of these mishaps lead the queens to realize the truth- they have all been sabotaged! But who among them is the saboteur? Or, rather, saboteuse?

Created by: Created by Justin Gray

Producers: Eddie Majnemer, Michael Bawcutt
Director: Pat Mills
Shooting Locations: Toronto

Shoot Dates: November 28th, 019

Rate: Paid - Non-Union

LEAD: $600/Day
ACTOR ROLE:  $300/Day
BG: $200/Day 
[BABS] 20s-30s, Drag Queen, any ethnicity. Being the youngest brother of a wealthy family, Babs has always wanted attention. Being the loud one at private school fed it to her until she graduated and had to find a new fix. Fluent in 3 languages, Babs is a smart cookie, but she always finds herself longing to be more. Babs lives to be THE star! LEAD

[PAPER THIN] 20's, Drag Queen, any ethnicity. Paper is a thin-faced, horny little troublemaker. If she does anything selfless, it's usually completely by accident. Paper's life mostly revolves around having sex, finding someone to have sex with, or getting into drag quickly ‘cause she wasted too much time having sex. Her other favourite activity is vodka, and she's the type of drunk to get loudly offended at everything. LEAD

[NAOMI IMOAN] late 20s, Drag Queen, any ethnicity. Naomi is the playful type. Her favourite activities include recharging her crystals, smudging her apartment of negative energies and playing with puppies. She lives blissfully in her happy place, but is constantly second-guessing herself and never truly knows if she fits in. A true sweetheart, she is easily the most likeable of the queens. LEAD

[SHARRON DEBLAME] 20's, Drag Queen, any ethnicity. Sharron is a dry one. Never one that is very forthcoming with emotions, Sharron finds it hard to let people in and can’t be bothered getting to know new people. She is a newer queen, has a lot to prove, and is a bit of a perfectionist. To Sharron, drag is a way of forcing herself to go out and make connections. LEAD

[MINNIE TITTIE] 20's, Drag Queen, any ethnicity. Sharron's roommate and partner-in-crime. She's got a big heart and a lot to learn in the world of drag, but she's hungry and ready to win. She's the type to take on the problems of others before her own. Empathetic to a fault. She's the yin to Sharron's yang... or rather the sunshine to her rainshower. LEAD

[ELAINA LOVE] 35-60+, Drag Queen, any ethnicity. Elaina puts the “class” in “classic”. She’s an old school drag queen. Pre-RuPaul’s Drag Race-era, Elaina started drag in a time where people were not accepting of it, but she’s always handled herself with dignity. She’s won every contest possible and holds the art of drag on a high platform. Respectful but clever, you can never tell if Elaina is complimenting you or criticizing you. LEAD

[MOMO] 20s, Drag Queen, any ethnicity. A 52-year-old bingo hall chain-smoking bus driver trapped in a young gay man's body. She may be young, but she's been doing drag for years. She's got a mouth like Mae West, a body like Pamela Anderson and a face like a man in makeup. PRINCIPAL

[LUANNE] 20's, visibly diverse, female. She is a burnt-out queer woman. Working an ungodly amount of jobs through the city, Luanne is over it, but doing the damn thing. PRINCIPAL

[TREVOR] (20-ish) Trevor is Paper's brother who has recently decided to put his ballet school skills to good use by taking up stripping. Unfortunately, nobody told Paper that before he took that sexy new masked stripper to the Venus room. PRINCIPAL

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