Before I Change My Mind




At a small-town middle school in 1987, nobody can tell if new kid Misha is a boy or girl. Misha forges a complex bond with the school bully, making increasingly dangerous choices to get popular.

At Sundance 2020, this script was named to The GLAAD List: a curated list of the ten most promising LGBTQ+inclusive screenplays in Hollywood.

Project: Before I Change My Mind

Director: Trevor Anderson
Writers: Trevor Anderson & Fish Griwkowsky 
Producers: Katrina Beatty & Alyson Richards

Casting Director: Jesse Griffiths

Casting Assistant: Izad Etemadi

Start Date: Summer 2021

Shoot Location: Alberta

Rate: $200.00/Day. Travel & accommodation provided for out-of-town performers.




11 - 15, any ethnicity, transgender boy, or assigned female at birth non-binary kid. At a small-town middle school in Alberta, Canada in 1987 nobody can tell if the new kid Misha is a boy or girl. Misha's father brought Misha to Alberta abruptly, escaping Misha's mom, an abusive alcoholic. Misha doesn't talk about that, but those experiences inform the choices Misha makes. Quiet and watchful at first, Misha soon begins making bold moves to find a place of safety and power within the school's pecking order.


11 - 15, any ethnicity, male. At school, Carter is the class bully. He and his wingman Shev make fun of anyone and everyone. Carter is convinced he’s hilarious, and he’s not always wrong. At home, Carter hasn’t seen an adult in quite some time. His dad left years ago and his mom has been out of town with her new boyfriend for several months, leaving Carter in the care of his teenage headbanger sister, Big Carter. They're scraping by without enough money or food, but they don’t want anyone to know. Carter – though he would never tell anyone this – is just starting to find himself attracted to both girls and boys... which makes him frightened and angry, and determined to act with even more bravado.


Trevor Anderson is a writer-director whose short films have played many A-list and LGBTQ film festivals, including three times at Sundance and twice at the Berlinale, where his musical The Man That Got Away (2012) won the D.A.A.D. Short Film Prize. His western The Little Deputy (2015) and his science fiction horror Docking (2019) were both named to Canada’s Top Ten by the Toronto International Film Festival. His rock doc Jesse Jams (2020) won Best Canadian Short at the Calgary Underground Film Festival. At Sundance 2020, Trevor’s feature script, Before I Change My Mind, co-written with Fish Griwkowsky, was named to The GLAAD List: a curated list of the ten most promising LGBTQ+inclusive screenplays in Hollywood as determined by GLAAD and The Black List. Telefilm Canada has funded Before I Change My Mind, and Trevor will direct it as soon as COVID-19 allows.

Please click here for more information on Trevor and his past work.


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